10 things you need in your festival kit

Hey everyone,

So festival season is truly upon us. I’m off to V Festival in just over a week and I cannot wait! I won a competition last month which was held by Fluorescent PR to win a Limited Edition Festival Kit. I was in shock that I won and it honestly is amazing. So i’ll show now what’s inside. Now this is a picture heavy post so apologies in advance.

2016-08-08 14.13.55So this is what I found when I first opened the box. 

2016-08-08 14.14.08

So first of all there is a Tangle Teezer, now these come in all shapes and sizes. The original one is the perfect size for a festival when you don’t want to take up to much space. It will also fit perfectly in my gym bag once V Fest is over. Now these retail at £10.60 and you can get them here.

2016-08-08 14.14.18Next up there are some Festival Face Stencils. Now I cannot wait to use these, I’m a total fan of neon paint on faces to lots of glitter. These things will definitely be used to the fullest. These are by beauty boulevard and retail at £4.95 and you can get yours from here.


2016-08-08 14.18.52 Going on from the face stencils we have Glitter Love. Now I am so excited to use this, I’ll post a proper picture when i’ve opened it properly but the shade is Disco Kiss Go. Now its by beauty boulevard once again and retails at £6.50. You get 3g of refined glitter which is definitely a perfect amount. You can get yours from here.


2016-08-08 14.14.35Now this is the last item from Beauty boulevard. It is Glitter Lips. The shade is Guilty Rose, it is a coppery colour of what i can describe and is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not sure if i’m brave enough to wear it for a whole day yet but this will certainly be on during the night performances!! These retail at £12.50 and you can get them from here.


2016-08-08 14.49.16 Up next are these really cute items from NPW. I absolutely adore the packaging, it’s so vibrant and definitely has the festival vibe. Tissues and Hand wipes are a must for festivals, so these will be staying in my bumbag!! Now I cannot find a price for these but you can find them here.

2016-08-08 14.15.30Next up is Batiste Dry Shampoo plus heavenly volume. Now this will be a lifesaver, festivals aren’t a place where washing your hair happens. The fear of having something chucked over you, mixed in with the rain which may happen is not the one. This retails at £6.49 and you can get this from here.

2016-08-08 14.16.02This might be my favourite thing from the kit, the packaging is so cute! This is a necklace from Me and Zena. Now I love the entire range and i’m so excited that i finally own a piece from there. The lovely lilac colour is beautiful and it will be a finishing touch to any outfit i wear. Now this particular necklace is £14 and you can purchase it from here.

2016-08-08 14.16.27Burt’s Bees lip balms have to be my favourite thing. They are so easy to carry around so I always have one with me. Dry lips are something which I hate and at a festival you are bound to get them so this lip balm will be essential. These retail at £3.99 and you can get yours here.

2016-08-08 14.17.51Last but not least is this Bowie t-shirt. A festival would not be a festival without a singer or band t-shirt lets be honest. This one is gorgeous and is very comfy. This is from Rock Off and can be purchased from here.

So aside from your tent, sleeping bag and other essentials. These are definitely 10 things you need in your festival kit. What is your must take item to a festival?!

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