York 10k

Hey everyone,

So I did it and I’m alive to tell the tale! First thing first, when you have to wake up at 7 on a Sunday morning to run your brain is very confused. It took me a while to wake up but luckily everything was laid out ready and our boobs were already blown up! 

Pre race vibes 
So that was us pre-race, all smiles raring to go. The walk to where the run started was amusing, we had a few people staring at us but we had boobs on our back so I guess that was a given. 

Everything was organised pretty well and the run for us started quite promptly. We got to run around York centre which was really nice and well a very different way to see the city. We got to run alongside the river and past the Minster which was pretty impressive. 

Just after we hit 6k I started to feel it in my left knee but refusing to stop I kept pushing through. It doesn’t matter how slow you go aslong as you don’t stop! Hitting the 8k mark was amazing we could hear the music and we knew we were close. My knee however had other ideas and wanted to give way. I was not letting this stop me though as I’d got this far. Passing the finish line in 1 hour 22 minutes was an amazing feeling!! The adrenalin going through my body was just racing. 

Post race vibes 
As you can see the boobs were absolutely shattered and we needed a nap! As a team we managed to raise £450 for Coppafeel! Which is brilliant! I am so proud to have been able to do this alongside my fellow Boobette Hannah and her sister Sally. 

But flushed but still smiling!! 

So that’s it for my update on York 10k. Have you done anything to push you & your limits? Let me know in the comments! 

Bye for now