What I learnt in July

Hey everyone,

So it’s August, how crazy is that?! I feel like this year is just flying past without many stops. It’s my birthday month though so hopefully this won’t go quick!! July was a slightly crazy month for me and I definitely learnt a lot so I thought I’d share a few things I learnt.

1 – It’s okay to say no.

So last month everything just seemed to hit me at once and I was trying to please everyone by agreeing to take on extra. After burning the candle at both ends for the first few weeks, I had to make a choice. It was either continue this way and end up ill or take a step back and stop trying to take on everything at once. Once I started to make consistent choices and prioritise what was important and go from there.

2 – Me time is essential.

Taking time out, wether it be half hour or an evening is essential for both your physical and mental health. Sometimes the world just gets far to crazy and things can get out of control so taking sometime just to come back and centre yourself. Recently my ‘me time’ has been reading and going for walks. Getting back into reading was something which I really wanted to do so i’m happy about that. I cannot wait to share with you the books i’ve been reading.

3 – Organisation is key.

Well this really ties back in with number 1. I’ve always used my phone’s calendar to organise work and events but towards the end of last month i bought a diary. This is one of the best purchases I made last month as it’s helped me visualise my week and the weeks ahead. I’ve been able to plan in times seeing family/friends I don’t normally get to see which makes me happy.

So those are the main things I learnt last month, did you learn anything new about yourself last month? Are you taking any new habits forward?

Bye for now



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