5 ways to combat a low mood

Hey everyone,

So we all have those days when a bad mood can surround us and take over our mind and body completely. For some people, the weather can cause this, sometimes its the work/life battle and just the daily stresses of everyday life!

For myself, these moods can throw me off my day to day routine and leave me feeling at rock bottom. So I thought I’d type up a post with a few things that help me when I’m feeling at my lowest.

  1. Tea – Tea is one of my first point of call when I’m feeling low as my nan always says ‘A cup of tea makes everything better’ and it might be psychological but it’s stuck. I think because if I’m having a day where getting up seems impossible, making a cup of tea is my first step, as then I’ve got up made it and even if I go back to where I was the first movement has been made. cup-happy-quote-tea-Favim.com-849345
  2. Music – Listening to music always helps me feel better. I think this is partially because when I used to play the flute it was my outlet for everything. I was able to let go of whatever I was feeling through playing. Having a good sing along to some cheesy pop or Disney never hurt anyone at all and it is almost always guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Unknown
  3. Do something for yourself – Paint your nails, do your makeup or hair. Do something that makes you feel a little more you. It may sound silly but when I’ve tided up my eyebrows and sorted out my hair I feel ready to take on the world! It’s that little boost that makes me feel better. 10499222_1388871034767962_246267167_n
  4. Go outside – Sometimes going outside and getting fresh air is just what you need. In a study for Environmental science and technology, they found that getting outside and moving even for just five minutes a day can help improve your mood. 2016-07-23 17.53.18
  5. Exercise – Exercise is definitely important when hoping to rid a mood. Exercise equals endorphins and that means little balls of happiness are created (this is how the children I work with describe it and i think its perfect). For myself I will either go the gym and stick my headphones in and spend an hour just training or I will go along to a Yoga class at IGO-Yoga as it enables me to disconnect from the world around me and clear my head. I will be posting more on my gym routines and yoga in the next few weeks.  IMG_6287

I hope this post will help a few of you and get you thinking of your checklist which helps you. Drop me a comment if there is anything you’d add or change to the list.

Bye for now



Pictures are from pintrest and ones i have taken.

3 thoughts on “5 ways to combat a low mood

  1. those are such simple but helpful tips! thank you for sharing. I like working out too. It helps me so much especially dance workouts. And instead of tea i like coffee too 🙂

    1. No problem at all! I’ve never done a dance workout so I’ll have to look into a class. Ah I wish I liked coffee but I’ll get there one day! Thank you for reading xx

      1. I love doing Hip Hop Abs or Rockin Body by Beachbody (DVD) They are a lot of fun and you can do it right in your living room 🙂

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