So today I became a boobette 

Hey everyone,

So today I travelled to London to become a Boobette for Coppafeel! 

For those who don’t know Coppafeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity, based in London. They focus on promoting early detection of breast cancer by encouraging women to regularly check their breasts.

Being a boobette involves attending events, talking to schools, organisations and youth groups educating about the importance of getting to know your boobs and making it a habit! The aim is to inspire people and get them thinking about their lives and bodies and educating them along the way!

Personally I haven’t been diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a scare the other year which resulted with a benign lump being found. My mom has fought breast cancer three times beginning when I was first at secondary school. 

I met some of my fellow boobette recruits today & we were able to share stories and learn about how to spread the Coppafeel! Message.

 Myself & fellow new boobette recruits. 

You can find out more information at where you can also find information about booking a Boobette and follow us on Twitter @TheBoobettes .

So you never know myself or one of my fellow Boobettes may be at a school/college or office near you soon! 
Bye for now .xo


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